Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hiking Food: Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola

Laying on the desk atop a pile of used food wrappers is the blue and white plastic from a Sunbelt Fudge Dipped Chocolate Chip chewy granola bar. We've been meaning to post some reviews of hiking foods we've tested, so here's our review of what's become our favorite granola bar for hiking and at the office.

We really like these granola bars. They're preservative free and a 1.5 ounce bar provides 210 calories for 140 calories per ounce. Not as high a calories to weight ratio as Snickers or Butterfingers, but higher than many other popular hiking foods.

You'll want to keep these in the cool area of your pack until consumed as they are fudge dipped and the fudge gets quite messy with warming from a pocket or laying in a sunny spot on a table.

These granola bars aren't for everyone. The package warns for the following food allergies: soy, peanuts, almonds, eggs, milk and wheat. Also, other tree nuts may appear from time to time.

Give these a try. In this day and age when all the food makers are trying to see how low calorie they can go, its nice to discover someone making a good old fashioned high calorie food for hiking.

Disclosure: We select and purchase the product(s) reviewed. We have no material connection to either the manufacturer nor the retailer(s).

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