4. Appalachian Trail Shelters, Camping & Lodging

A diverse range of options are available for spending the night on the Appalachian Trail. This section introduces you to each option and gives you a feel for what each lodging experience will be like.

4_1. Shelters and Lean-To's

4_2. Tents

4_3. Hammocks

4_4. Tarps

4_5. Hostels and Huts

Congratulations! You've completed another section of the Appalachian Trail Online Course.

You now know about the Appalachian Trail, several modes to get yourself to a trailhead and how to ensure you have safe water and high energy food to eat along the way. Now it's time to talk gear! In the next section you'll learn how to select affordable, lightweight gear to support a safe journey along the trail.

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