Thursday, May 31, 2012

Section Hike: Kent, CT to New York 17A

This summer's Appalachian Trail section hike is across New York. Last year we section hiked all of New Jersey and stopped at NY 17A due to damaged feet. As we want to continue sectioning north, but don't want to tackle the hardest part of New York first, we're jumping ahead to Kent, CT and hiking southbound (SOBO) to NY 17A. This should give us a week to get our long distance legs and lungs developed to tackle Bear Mountain, the Lemon Squeezer, and Agony Grind the last few days.

Below is my hiking plan much as it looks on my cell phone. My safety person will also have a copy of this schedule to monitor my progress. Noting approximate times, mileage, major features, and notes on water and privy availability have proven useful the last few years. I also carry a printed copy of this hiking plan and review my progress before bed each evening.

Kent CT to NY 17A (93.1m)


Grand Central Station

Depart NYC ($22)

10:30 Southeast Station (transfer)

Arrive Wassaic NY (shuttle $20)

1p m1455.9
Kent CT 06757

2p m1455.5
Algo shelter - W PRIVY

4p m1452.7
Schaghticoke Mtn Campsite - W

4:30p m1452.1
Indian Rocks

6p m1448.1
Trail to Bulls Bridge

7p m1447.4
hand pump (w)

7p m1447.2
Ten Mile River Lean-to - W PRIVY

DAY 2 (12.7m)

11a m1444.4
Ny/CT State Line

Noon m1443.2
Wiley Shelter - w

4p m1437.6
N.Y. 22, Appalachian Trail RR Station 12564
Native Landscapes & Garden Ctr (W, shower, mail drops)

4p m1435.2
Dover Oak

County 20/West Dover Road

7p m1434.5
Telephone Pioneers Shelter - W PRIVY

DAY 3 (7.8m)

10a m1434.0
West Mtn

Noon m1431.2
Nuclear Lake - W

2p m1430.0
N.Y. 55, Poughquag, NY 12570
E - school bus deli/hot dog stand

6p 1,426.7
Morgan Stewart Shelter - W PRIVY

DAY 4 (10.3m)

10a m1426.6
Mt. Egbert

2p m1422.8
N.Y. 52, Stormville, NY - (E–0.3m G, M)

5p m1417.7
RPH shelter - W PRIVY

6p m1416.4
Shenandoah Tenting Area - W

DAY 5 (9.4m)

Noon m1,414.9
Shenandoah Mtn

2p m1,412.0
Canopus Lake, Clarence Fahnestock State Park - W SHOWER

4p m1,410.7
NY 301

7p m1,407.0
Dennytown Rd - W
(Camping W 500 ft, S dirt road to hill)

DAY 6 (12.3m)

10a m1404.3
South Highland Rd

3p m1399.7
Graymoor Spiritual Life Center
W PRIVY SHOWER (donation $10)

4p m1398.3
US 9/Shell station/convenience store - W Meal FUEL
7p m1394.7
Hemlock Springs Campsite - W

DAY 7 (7.2m)

9a m1393.3
Bear Mtn Bridge

USPO, Ft Montgomery 10922
(dropbox) RESUPPLY

10a m1393.2
Bear Mtn Museum/Zoo/pool

Noon m1390.7
Bear Mtn - W Wx

6p m1387.5
West Mtn Shelter - NO WATER

DAY 8 (9.2m)

10a m1385.9
Beechy Bottom Brook - W

10a m1385.7
Palisades Interstate Pkwy

11a m1384.4
William Brien Memorial Shelter - NO WATER

1p M1381.6
Seven Lakes Parkway

3p m1379.4
Arden Valley Road - w
(Tiorati Circle/Lake)

6p m1378.3
Fingerboard Shelter - NO WATER

DAY 9 (6.9m)

10a m1377.0
Lemon Squeezer

Noon m1375.6
Island Pond Outlet - W

2p m1373.6
Arden Mtn, Agony Grind

3p m1372.1
Orange Tpk - W (E–0.5m)
(NYC vista)

5p m1371.4
Little Dam Lake - W

Day 10 (8.6m)

10a m1367.8
Mombasha High Point

1a m1366.6
Fitzgerald Falls - W

Noon m1364.8 (13.5m)
Wildcat Shelter - W PRIVY

2:00p m1362.8
NY 17A - Bellvale Creamery

2:10p NJ Transit Bus ($15)


Note the above plan can easily be modified for a shorter hike by starting at Pawling, NY; at Peekskill NY; at Fort Montgomery NY; or at Lake Greenwood NY. These are all bus and commuter train access points for the Appalachian Trail.