Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ultralight Beer Can Stove Kit

Working Saturday at a Rural Tourism Marketing workshop and we just discovered a unique ultralight beer can stove kit. Turns out our speakers manufacture and sell a line of ultralight backpacking gear at

The ultralight beer can stove kit is designed for use with a 1 liter Foster's beer can. You supply the can. Instructions for making a Foster's beer can pot are on the website.

The ultralight beer can stove kit consists of a wire pot stand, a solid fuel stove, a windscreen, a lip guard, and a lexan spoon.

The stand does NOT fit a Heiniken beer can pot.

You can order the kit for $15.95 from Ultralight Outfitters.

Monday, April 11, 2011

NH Appalachian Trail Store: Notch Express

During a recent business trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, we got off the I-93 at Exit 33, just a mile or so south of where the Appalachian Trail crosses through Franconia Notch. We discovered Notch Express.

Notch Express of Lincoln, NH is a a typical rural convenience store. While hikers are seldom seeking gas, they are seeking a ready supply of food, drink and stove fuel. Entering the front door of Notch Express one finds a mini-store stretching to the right. While we didn't see any stove fuels displayed, we did find canned and packet tuna, two-packs of Pop-Tarts, beef and chicken flavored ramen noodles ($.40), and small jars of peanut butter. We also noted that along with Snapple teas, milk, and major soft drinks, that beer was available in single serving bottles. A quick question confirmed that, yes, Notch Express does stock up for the summer hiking season, so expect larger inventories than one can of tuna to be awaiting.

Immediately in line with the front door is the entrance to the restrooms marked "For customers only." The two rooms are unisex, so lock the door behind you. Even if you don't need to use the facilities, they're worth a peek. The proprietress has decorated each with articles and photos of UFO sightings.

To the left rear of the store, one will find a deli serving freshly made sandwiches. The menu reads much like a well known national chain.

While there are motels adjacent and across the street, many hikers opt for hiking yet another mile south to Chet's hostel. We opted out of driving by due to increasing snow and the late hour. Why tempt fate?

Do take note that the Notch Express is a favorite of the local constabulary.

Express Notch in Licoln, NH is about a four day hike from Gorham, NH for southbound (SOBO) Appalachian Trail hikers. BTW, exit 32 about five miles south of the AT has a McDonalds (sweet tea available) and a grocery.

Yelp reviews for Notch Express

Friday, April 1, 2011

Obama Adds 60 Miles to Appalachian Trail

Washington DC (April 1, 2011) - President Obama announced today that he is adding 60 miles to the Appalachian Trail. Executive Order 23495 directs the National Park Service to add the 60 miles of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal between Harpers Ferry and Washington DC to the 2,178 mile Appalachian Trail. The new addition follows the historic Chesapeake and Ohio Canal to the Arlington Memorial Bridge. The Appalachian Trail will then wind through the National Mall to Union Station providing hikers the opportunity to view America's great monuments. Side trails, known as "blue blazes", to the White House, the Capitol, and the Smithsonian museums are planned. Hikers will return to Harpers Ferry using a high speed rail voucher.

"As you know, Michelle and I enjoy hiking in the woods of Camp David and America's national parks. The sight of America's youth passing through Washington DC each Spring will be a powerful witness to inner city youth to explore America's wilderness." Said Obama. "Let me make this perfectly clear. While there will be no boots on the ground in Libya, America needs more boots on the ground from its cities."

The First Lady's office also announced the National Park Service will be removing soft drink machines and fast food concessions from both Shenandoah and Great Smokies National Parks. "Too many hikers are consuming empty calories and arriving in Maine malnourished, having lost unhealthy amounts of body fat;" said Michele Obama. "We need to provide America's hikers with nourishing fruits and vegetables instead of sugary drinks and high fat junk food." White House insiders speculate the First Couple may provide trail magic using the White House garden.

The addition of 60 miles to the Appalachian Trail brings the total mileage of the famous trail to 2,238 miles and adds an additional five days to a typical five to six month through hike. Free high speed rail vouchers will be available for the 2012 hiking season from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Happy April Fools Day 2011.