Monday, August 30, 2010

Camp Fuel: Harpers Ferry

We note considerable interest by visitors wanting information on obtaining camp fuel along the Appalachian Trail. So, we start a series of posts on camp fuel availability with information on obtaining fuel at Harpers Ferry.

Alcohol Fuel

As we used a SuperCat alcohol stove for our section hike from Harpers Ferry, we located several sources for alcohol camp fuel. One source is the Appalachian Trail Conference (ATC) office in Harpers Ferry itself. Alcohol fuel is stored outside on the front porch in a box. Fuel is by "donation". Denatured alcohol is $6/quart from the Walmart in Martinsburg some distance away, so be fair, if not generous.

Alcohol fuel for your camp stove is also available from the Outfitter at Harpers Ferry. Just go inside and up the stairs to the register and ask for fuel. You provide the container. Fuel is $.50 per ounce and we had several ounces of leftover fuel at Boiling Springs from our 20 ounce pop bottle. The only problem with using the Outfitter for camp fuel is they are usually closed by the time you arrive in Harpers Ferry by train.

Alcohol fuel is sometimes available at the hostel located about 2 miles north of Harpers Ferry. The hostel is just off the Appalachian Trail making a quick stop for NOBOs a possibility. Call ahead to confirm alcohol fuel is available.

Butane Fuel

Butane fuel cartridges are available from the Outfitter at Harpers Ferry. Several varieties were available the day we stopped.

Butane fuel cartridges are also available at Walmart in Martinsburg, as are small lightweight, folding butane stoves.

Propane Fuel

We can't imagine anyone carrying a steel bottle of propane up the trail, but if you need propane camp fuel, you'll find some at the KOA store just outside Harpers Ferry. Propane is also available at Walmart in Martinsburg.


  1. Hey there! I was searching for something AT related on Google and found my page on your site. Did we happen to meet you along the way during our hike this year?

  2. No, Misti/Ridley, we didn't get to meet. I was a week or two ahead of you two. I had hoped that I hoped to meet you and several others I was following as you all were in SNP when I departed. I did get to meet some wonderful thru's though.

    I selected your journal early on due to your consistent updates. You also had a good story.