Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trail Journals: Slowly Updating Section Hike Details

Posting at Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail will continue to be light for a few more weeks as we get caught up at home, office and online. We are making an effort to update at least one page in our TrailJounals.com account each evening before heading home. We're just shy of the PA border in our trail journal. If you've previously read our trail journal, you might like to go back and get the details for that day.

We've got another roll of film to upload to the photo album. Then, we'll make a second short Youtube video with the second set of photos. Hopefully you enjoyed the first video in our previous post.

We also plan to go back through our gear list on TrailJournals and update our comments on some of the gear shown.

Then we plan to start adding more information for section hikers based on our experience along the AT in Maryland and Pennsylvania. We plan to cover some of the parks along the way, more details on Henicle's Market near Caledonia State Park, and experiences with shelters and water sources. So we should have plenty to keep ourselves busy until the new year. Then, it will be time to start planning for the next section hike and sharing what we learn during the planning phase.

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