Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mobile Guide to the Appalachian Trail

We've been developing a new mobile web curriculum at the office. As part of our research, we discovered a cool mobile web design tool at While playing with the tool to learn its capabilities, the idea struck us that we could create a small mobile web site to support our upcoming section hike. That idea led to the better idea to develop a lean digital guide book that could be easily viewed on mobile devices.

We are pleased to announce the Mobile Guide to the Appalachian Trail is under development. You can follow the build here:

As mobile devices are not currently standardized and most cannot handle large graphics, long pages, and javascript, we've decided on a simple menu for the new mobile guide:

As we're planning for a section hike of the AT in WV/MD/PA, we'll probably fill in the data for those sections of the mobile guide first. Then, we'll focus on the completing the emergency contact list for all states. Springer to Fontana section will follow third as new hikers will likely need the information most.

The purpose is not to supplant the existing ATC guide and data books, but to provide information in another format for fellow hikers. (Personally, I'd like to build the site and then hand everything over to the ATC for them to brand and possibly derive mobile ad income.)

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