Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Appalachian Trail Data Book on Google Calendar

While playing with Google Calendar, I discovered how to create my own personal Appalachian Trail Data Book or page.

1) Create a new calendar. I named mine "AT Trail".

2) Add a new event for each trail feature you wish to include.

a. What: shelter name, scenic feature, road intersection, etc.

b. Uncheck all day box to right of date. This should enable entering start and finish dates and times.

c. When: Planned date and estimated time of arrival

d. to select 0 hours for a checkpoint, set delay for other events (photos, resupply, shower, etc.)

e. Where: put the mileage from Springer (e.g.; m1126.3)

3) View agenda. You now have a brief personalized data book page. One problem: Google Calendar doesn't print agendas, just calendars.

4) Copy the agenda to the clipboard.

5) Paste into favorite word processor. I pasted into Word and then used bold and other tools to improve layout and to highlight key events (resupply, showers).

Tip: By having your trip plan on Google Calendar, you can share your calendar with others. Meaning, they can import your trip plan directly into their Google Calendar.

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